Personal data

By using our website we will gather data on website analytics. Next to that you might share personal data when requesting our services. Those data might include first and last name and emailaddress.


In case of acquiring our services other data might be provided like phone number, financial data and information about your personal process and situation. This data will be stored in an offline environment.


Contactinformation like name, emailaddress and phone number will be stored fot future communications with the client, the same with email and Whatsapp conversations. Personal information of the client, like notes and recordings of the sessions will be deleted within two weeks of the session for a privacy and security reasons.


Financial information as required by law will be stored in the financial books. This financial info cannot be connected to any personal information about the client that at the moment is still availible with is, to take into account the highest level of privacy.

Sharing of data

We won’t share any data of clients with third parties unless clearly requested by the client or in case of legal obligations.


We will make use of cookies or comparable techniques for the correct implementation and usage of the website en for registration of visitor analytics.


We take your data very serious. We will take all the necessary measurements to keep your data safe and protected. If you do have reasons to belief that there might be an security issue with your data, please contact us as soon as possible.